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Grampa Stroehmann
Delicious Bread
Dutch Country
Stroehmann White
Grampa Stroehmann is holding a loaf of Stroehmann bread in this grab from an old Stroehmann television commercial
"Grampa Stroehmann" was introduced in advertising and packaging in 1956 and became an official trademark in 1983.
Closeup of a plump, juicy hot dog nestled inside a moist Stroehmann potato roll.
Made with traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Baking techniques to provide our family with soft, flavorful rolls.
Various Stroehmann sliced breads are featured.
It's no wonder Stroehmann Bakeries, Inc. was named "Baker of the year" by Bakery Production and Marketing Magazine.
Closeup of a delicious, number-one selling Dutch Country bread sandwich, piled high with cheese, sliced turkey, fresh tomato, and crisp lettuce.
Our #1 selling bread, Dutch Country combines tradition with the finest ingredients for a home-baked taste and texture.
Image of old Stroehmann Bread package
Stroehmann introduced sliced white bread in 1927, one of the most popular innovations of all time.
Stroehmann Bread

We don't just bake bread.

We make memories.